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Mass Effect

Pilgrimage of a Legion

The Pilgrimage Ends

Legion and Shira stepped out of the shuttle and into one of the spaceports that was on Rannoch. There was surprisingly a fair amount of people here, but Legion had heard that Rannoch had recently announced that they would now be accepting tourists because the Quarians immune systems were now strong enough to handle any suit breaches.
Along the way here, he felt that Shira wanted to ask him something but he figured it was just nerves about coming to a planet that she had never seen before and was worried that they wouldn't accept her. He tried to comfort her by saying that they would accept her but it didn't seem to work.
He looked around and saw his parents, his father was in a casual outfit with a hoodie and his mother was in her normal attire. He was surprised that his sister wasn't here to greet him.
Legion took a few steps forward but stopped when he suddenly heard someone calling his name; "LEGION!" He instantly recognized the voice and was ecstatic that she was also here.
He turned to greet the person just in time as Mia'Nara came running up and jumping into a long embrace.
For several moments the world seemed to vanish, his heart started to pound heavily and for several seconds the only person that was with him was her, Mia. He could feel her heart beating in sync with his own.
"Mia," Legion said in a loving tone, "I'm glad you made it back here safely."
"As am I," she said as she rested her head against his, "I feared that you would die on Omega but then I remembered who you were and I knew you would be safe."
"When did you complete your pilgrimage?" Legion asked still embracing Mia.
"I got back just before you did," she said, "I actually was speaking with my parents just as you came from your shuttle. I told them I would get in contact with the Admirals after I came and saw you."
"Legion," said an older male voice...

Shira followed Legion out of the shuttle, along the entire way she was thinking of what Arcee had told her, and she was also thinking how she felt towards him, she wasn't sure. She felt a strong connection to him but she wasn't sure if that was because they had spent a year together or if it was because Legion was her first real friend.
While she was growing up with the Black Suns and more so in recent years the younger Humans and Turians tried to get close to her but she always put herself high above them and didn't see them beyond trying to get closer to the Black Knight, her father but now she wondered if they were just trying to be friends with her.
At one point Legion had told her that she would be accepted by her species but even though the thought had crossed her mind she figured that they would, also with the knowledge that she was in fact Lia'Reager probably didn't hurt her chances either but once again she wasn't sure if she wanted to become Lia'Reager.
"LEGION!" someone called his name and when she looked to see who it was it was the same dark gold coloured suit female Quarian that was on Omega. What was her name again?"
"Mia," Legion said in a loving voice. With that she figured that Legion was in love with Mia. She just stood back and watched as Mia rested her head on Legion's and with that she figured that Mia was also in love with him.
She wasn't upset that he was already in love with someone, after all, he had known Mia all his life, she had only met him a year ago and that was only because the Black Suns attacked his ship and he had decided to let Legion go and for her to go on her own pilgrimage with him.
"Legion," said an older male voice…

"Legion," said an older male voice, and when Legion broke his embrace from Mia feeling a bit embarrassed, as he looked up to see his father and mother standing there, "We're glad you got back here safely."
"We worried about you everyday," Tali said.
"Where's Luna?" Legion asked.
"She's at school," Tali said.
"I don't understand," Legion said, "I thought today there was no school."
"She's learning how to hack from Edi," Tali explained, "she got into trouble after hacking into a system at school to try to contact you a few months after you left on your own pilgrimage."
"Oh, yea," he said, "I remember you telling me that after I got in contact with you after the Black Suns attack the ship I was on."
"Speaking of the Black Suns," Shepard said, "is that the girl from them?"
"What," Legion said forgetting all about Shira, "oh, yea. This is…" Legion stopped he didn't know if he should introduce her as Shira or Lia.
"I'm Shira," she said taking a few steps forward, "Shira'Knight."
"Glad to finally meet you," Shepard said as he held out his hand.
She took his hand and shook it, "I, I also recently found out that I'm that I'm the missing Quarian, Lia, Lia'Reager."
"What would you prefer us to call you," Tali asked, "but before you go looking around Rannoch I guess you should meet with the Admiralty Board to get registered."
"I understand," Shira said, "and for the time being just could you call me Shira, please."
"Follow me please, Shira," Tali said, "Legion, Mia please come along with me as well to complete your pilgrimages."

Legion, Shira, and Mia stood in front of the Admiralty Board, "I now bring this meeting to order," Shala'Raan said, "We are here today to judge the accomplishments of Legion'Shepard Nar Normandy, Mia'Nara Nar Rayya, and…" Shala took a momentary pause, "Lia'Reager," she said sounding astonished.
"Lia'Reager isn't she the girl who died at one of the first multispecies colonies," Daro'Xen said.
"Her body was never found," Zaal'Koris said, "Do you have any evidence to collaborate this information?"
"I do," Shira said, "It is right here on my Omni-tool. It is a report from the Imperium." She opened up her Omni-tool and uploaded the data to the Admirals Omni-tools.
"I can't believe it," Shala said, "it really is you."
"Where have you been all these years?" Han'Garrel asked.
"The Black Knight took me and I have been under his care until I accompanied Legion on his pilgrimage thus starting my own pilgrimage," Shira said, "I learned what it is to be Quarian from him."
"Lia it also has another name here," Shala said, "Shira'Knight…"
"Yes that is correct," Shira said, "when I left on my pilgrimage I was Shira'Knight but I recently found out that I was Lia'Reager so I used that name as well."
"I see," Shala said, "which name do you want to be recognized by?"
"I don't know," Shira said, "I was planning to let you decide who I should be recognized as."
"It is your name," Tali said, "You have the right to decide what you want to be recognized by."
"I guess while I'm here," Shira said, "I guess I would like to be called Lia, Lia'Reager."
"Very well," Shala said, "Lia'Reager Nar Ascension."
"Nar Ascension?" Shira asked.
"Ascension was the colony that you were born at," Shala explained, "Now time to finish your pilgrimages."
"What have you brought before us?" Tali asked.
"Legion you are up first," Shala said.
"I have brought you this," Legion said loading what he got onto their Omni-tools, "Its data for biotic suits designed for Quarian physiology."
"Very impressive," Shala said, "your pilgrimage is now complete, you may now leave and start thinking of where you would like to go to."
"Thank you, Admirals," Legion said as he gave a quick bow before leaving.
"Mia, what have you brought back?" Shala asked.
"This," Mia said also uploading what she found to their Omni-tools, "It's an old Quarian Script, I found it in a museum on Noveria. It was donated there by a wealthy benefactor."
"It's a love poem from before the morning war," Tali said, "A rare find."
"Your Pilgrimage is now complete. You may now leave and start thinking of where you would like to go."
"Thank you, Admirals," Mia said as she bowed before leaving.
"Lia you are up now," Shala said kindly, "What have you brought before us?"
"I brought this," Shira said as she also uploaded the stealth technology she found, "It is advanced stealth technology that enables ships to disappear from sight completely."
"Impressive," Daro'Xen said, "I would love to take a closer look at this later."
"Congratulations," Shala said, "your pilgrimage is now complete. You may now leave and start thinking of where you would like to go."

A couple of weeks had passed since Legion had completed his pilgrimage, he had decided to go to the flag ship of the Quarian military, the Neema, and he was joined with Mia who also decided to serve on the Neema.
Shira had gone and met the other Reagers and she was welcomed into their clan with open arms. She had spent a couple of weeks there but one day vanished from her room with a note that said she was leaving and that she was no longer Lia'Reager but Shira'Knight.
Legion was in his room on the Neema sleeping when he was woken up by the terminal on the wall in his room started to beep. He got up and saw that he had new mail that said was from Shira'Knight.
He had heard that Shira had left the Reager family with a note that to his knowledge only said that she was Shira'Knight not Lia'Reager. He quickly opened up the message and read it.

Dear Legion

As you probably have already heard I have left Rannoch, and I do not plan to come back. I enjoyed our time together and I was glad to see Rannoch and be accepted by all the other Quarians.
I found that it was too peaceful there, and I needed to go somewhere that I felt more comfortable. I have decided to return to the Black Suns and serve with them.
I thank you for everything that you did for me, and the knowledge that you gave me about myself and my species. If I ever have children I will make sure they learn what it is to be Quarian.

Sincerely your friend,

Shira'Knight Vas Pearl

"So she decided to return to the Suns after all," Legion whispered to himself, "I hope she'll be happy there and survive. I hope you live a long and happy life, Shira."

Shira walked out of the shuttle and into the hangar of a large ship; there were four small one person fighters and a bunch of people wearing black armour that stood in front of her, the crew of the Black Suns.
"I Shira return to you," She said, "I wish to see your leader and mine, the Black Knight."
"I am here," his voice echoed through the small room, "I am glad that you have returned to us."
"Black Knight," she said as she held up her Omni-tool, "I have brought this back to you."
He held up his own Omni-tool, and after a couple of moments he said, "Very interesting. Cloaking technology for large capitol ships: I am…very pleased with this."
"We will implement this into the Pearl immediately," he continued, "Shira come with me."
She followed him in silence, until they got to his cabin. Once the door closed he turned around and grabbed her and pulled her toward him, "I'm glad you are safe," he said, "I was worried about you."
"You were," she said happily, "I missed you to, father."
"What happened to Legion?" he asked.
"He's alive, and he has joined the Quarian Military, the Migrant Fleet."
"You have grown," he said, "you are no longer the little girl that I need to protect." He said putting his hand on her shoulder, "you are stronger now than you ever were before. I can see it in your eyes."
"Thank you, father," she said.
"You are dismissed," he said.
"Father," she said.
"Yes," he began but stopped when she through her arms around him.
"Thank you," she said, "thank you for taking care of me all these years."
"I should be thanking you," he said, "you freed me from Xecil's control. I'm glad you have returned to us, Shira."
"Father, can you introduce me as, Shira'Knight, Shira'Knight Vas Pearl?"
"You are strong enough to survive on your own now," he said, "yes, I will."
"Thank you, father," she said and left the room.
After a few seconds after the door closed behind Shira the Black Knight said, "You're welcome, my daughter."
Copyright Mass Effect and all of its characters to Bioware/EA.

Legion and Shira finish their pilgrimage and decide where they will serve.

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The Story continues in my Post ME3 fic series. Keep watch for the next exciting entry into the series.
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kitsune-onii-chan Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
Just like the N7 angels it's sad to know its over
it is sad, but as one journey ends a new journey begins :P
SpectreFanchin10 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
i cant believe she chose the black suns over her own perople. its your story an i respect that
thank you and glad you enjoyed it XD and I guess the pirate life is for her more than the life of a respected Quarian of the Reager clan :P
SpectreFanchin10 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
and the ship the Peral? did you get that idea from pirates of the caribbean?
XD...the black pearl is just that good of a movie :P in all honesty :P lol
SpectreFanchin10 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
the way i had it figured. but good stories though. how often do you write them?
sadly I hate to say it...but I don't really have a set time when I write them :P just whenever the story comes to me :P lol
SpectreFanchin10 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
i just think of things when it comes to my stories while i write them. but i havnt dont anything since i finished chapter 6. ive been kinda busy
the other thing that I sometimes do especially if I am really stuck is try to create the theme of just one scene by doing something like...Arcee prepares herself for the coming battle:...that give me the scene and my brain can focus on that one aspect to the story and hopefully create it :P
I see, I get like that sometimes and when it happens I just wait until the story does the thing that teachers always say never happens...fall from the sky :P lol
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LegoMetal44 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i seriously wanted Shira to be with legion. Why must u torture me with suspense !!!! Dx
I'm sure you are not the only one that wanted Shira and Legion to be together :P but Shira's destiny sadly does not lie with Legion she has a much more important role for the future :P XD
LegoMetal44 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You should at least expand on Legion and Mia
I probably will, I have a scene that I have in mind for really close to the end of the Post ME3 fic series :P
ManLion Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012
I was going to say the same thing, I do wanna see more Mia and Legion scenes
glad you enjoyed it and I'll try to write more about them. its just a lot of their history comes from when they are young kids where it would just be a standard childhood that might be unexciting :P and as I said I have a good scene for them near the end of the Post ME3 fic series :P
ManLion Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012
I cant wait
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